Medicines for burning or scalding. To get out the fire of burning or scalding

Take the whites of new laid Eggs, after the quantity of the sore, and put them in a peuter dish, and with a stone of Roch Allum, labour it about till it come all to a froth, then take a fine linnen cloth and wet it in Oyl Olive; or for lack of it in fresh grease or butter, and lay it next the sore, and then lay the froth upon the same a good thickness, and so bind it with a cloth, foure times dresse it, evening and morning, and the fire will be out.

Medicines for burning or scalding. For burning with wild fire

Take the dregs of Wine and Vinegar, and an Egg, both the white and yolk by even portions, and mingle them well together, and lay it to the sore, untill it be whole.

Medicines for burning or scalding. For burning with Gun-powder

Take Sheeps sewet, and Sheeps dung, and fry them both together, and so annoynt the place that is burned therewith, twice every day, and do not wash the sore with anything, for the medicine wil fall away of itself as it doth heale, and do not change the medicine in any wise.

Medicines for burning or scalding. For one that is burned with a Match

Take the same Match and burn it to powder, and strew the same powder upon the place, and this will heal it in short space.

Medicines for burning or scalding

Take unflaked Lime, as much as you think is good, and flake it in common Oyl, and then take it out as dry as you can, and incorporate it with Oyl of Roses, and it will be as it were an oyntment, which you shal annoynt the place with, and in eight or ten daies it will be whole, and not leave any mark or scarr upon the skin, and when the party is first burned or scalded, because the other is not ready, take a little of the Lard of a Barrow.