Medicines for the Teeth. For the Tooth-ache

Take the inner Rine of an Eldar Tree, and bruise it a little, and put thereto a little Pepper, and make it in Balls, and lay it to your Teeth, and be whole.

The cause of these impediments may come, either by an humour descending out of the Head to the Teeth, or Gummes, or by corroding or eating of Worms, or corruption of Blood, lying and being upon, and betwixt the Teeth: or it may come by drinking of hot Wines, eating of hot Spices, or hot Apples, Pears, Cherries, and such like; and it may come of a hot Liver or Stomach: and ever beware of pulling out of thy Teeth, for pull out once, and pull out more, but if it be hollow pull it out, for it will rot still more and more; do what thou canst.

Medicines for the Teeth. For Worms in the Teeth

Take Henbane seed, and lay it upon a flat Stone, and set it upon a Chafingdish of Coals, and let the smoke go into your Mouth, and this will kill the Worm shortly.

Medicines for the Teeth. To make Childrens Teeth come

Take the Brains of a Hare, and seeth them, and anoint the Gummes therewith; and take the Brains of a Hen likewise, and rub the Gummes therewith, and this shall make the Teeth grow without aking.

Medicines for the Teeth. For the Tooth-ach

Take Ivy Berries, and seeth them well in Vinegar, and when they be well sodden, sip some of the liquor as hot as you may suffer it, and hold it in your Mouth till it be cold, and then cast it out, and take new, and do so three or four times, and it will ease you.

Another for the same

Take and rost and Egge hard, and put therein a Spoonfull of Salt, and two Spoonfulls of Vinegar, or good Aleger, and temper them well together, till they be a Pap, then strain it, and with a little fine Cloth put some thereof into your Mouth, and when you have spat out the corruption, refresh the same with more, and it will take away the Pain shortly.

Medicines for the Teeth. For a Canker, and a Tooth-ach

Take Smalladge, and Sorrell Leaves, Alum, and Glasse, and make thereof a Powder, and lay it to the Sore, wheresoever it be, and for the Tooth that is hollow and aketh, take the Flowers and Leaves of Pellitory, and stamp it with Salt, and fill the hollow Tooth therewith, and be whole.

Medicines for the Teeth. For the Tooth-ach

Take Henbane-seed, and the Powder of Amber, of each a like much, and lay them on a glowing tile, and make a Pipe that thy Breath may go through to the fore Tooth, and this will kill the Worms, and pout away the Tooth-ach.

Medicines for the Teeth. A Water for the Tooth

Take and distill the Water of Mother wort and hold it in thy Mouth a good while, and it will kill the Pain of the Teeth, and the stinking thereof. Also Water of Vervain, or Hysope Water will do the like.

Medicines for the Teeth. For to remove a Tooth

Take the Root of a Mulberry Tree, and lay it in Vinegar, three dayes and three Nights, and then dry it in the Sun, and make Powder thereof, and rub thy Teeth therewith, and it will fall out.

Medicines for the Teeth. For the Tooth-ach

Take the green part of Eldar Rine, not the outermost, nor the innermost, but the green in the middle between both, and Sage, Rue, and Ginger, and a good deal of Salt, then grind them all together in a mortar, and seeth it in white Wine, and make a Plaister thereof, and lay to thy Cheek, and be whole.

Another for the same

Take a Pint of the strongest Vinegar thou canst get, and a handfull of Sage, the Root of a red Nettle the quantity of a Fingers length, and as much of the Rine of an Oke, and cut them in little pieces, and so let the Vinegar and all the rest seeth together from a Pint, then let the Patient chew it on the fore Tooth, and so dresse him Evening and Morning, half of it at each time, and this shall help him for ever. Probatum est.

Medicines for the Teeth. To make the Teeth white

Take the Flower of Rie, Salt, and Honey, and mingle them well together, and therewithall rub thy Teeth every day twice or thrice, and then wash them clean with Water, and they will be clean. Or take green branches of Broom and burn them, and make thereof a Powder, and burn Alum, and mix them together, and then temper them with fair Water, and rub thy Teeth therewith, and it will do away the blacknesse of them.

Medicines for the Teeth. A notable Medicine for the Tooth-ach

Take Pellitory of Spain, both of the Leaf, and of the Root, wash it and stamp it, and thereof make three Balls, every Ball as big as a Plumb, and lay the first Ball between the Teeth and the Gummes, the space of a miles riding, and even as the water ingendreth in they Mouth spit it out whole, and put in another Ball, as thou diddest at the first, and likewise the third, and to let the Water run out of thy Mouth still, and be whole straight.

Medicines for the Teeth. To take away the Tooth-ach in half an hour

Take Henbane Seed, Smallage Seed, and Poppy Seed, of each the weight of a Penny, and make Pellets thereof as big as a Vache, and with a quantity of Aqua vitae, and lay it unto thy Teeth that ake, and the pain shall cease straight.

Medicines for the Teeth. An approved Medicine for the Tooth-ach

Take Berries of Ivy, and the scraping of a Harts Horn, and boil it in white Wine, and make a Plaister thereof, and lay it to thy Cheek, and hold the Liquor thereof in thy Mouth, and thou shalt be whole. Or take Pepper, Salt, and the Roots of Primrose, and dry them all together, and make a Powder thereof, and rub thy Teeth therewith.

Medicines for the Teeth. For the Tooth-Ach

Take the Root of Henbane, and seeth it in Vinegar, and hold in thy Mouth the Decodtion thereof, and the pain of the Teeth will away straight: or take Hysope, and make a decoction with Vinegar, ans wash your Mouth, and Teeth therewith being hot, and the pain will away.

Another for the same

Take Wheat bran, and good stale Ale, and make it thick like Mustard, and let it soke therein a quarter of an hour, then strain it, and put thereto the Powder of Pepper a good quantity, and some of the Juice of Rue, and make it somewhat thick, and put it into a little bag of linnen cloth, and lay it between thy Cheek and they Teeth, and lie down on that side, and let the Water run out of thy Mouth, and use it three or four times, and thou shalt never have the Tooth ach more: or take Hounds tongue, and stamp it, and frie it with Butter, and make a Plaister thereof, and bind it to thy Cheek on that side that the pain is, and thou shalt be whole. Proved.

Medicines for the Teeth. A Regiment for the Tooth ach

You must wash your Mouth before and after Meat with warm Water to cleanse the Mouth and purge the Humors from the Gums, which descend out of the Head, it is good every Morning to wash the Mouth, and to rub the Teeth with a Sage Leaf, or with Powder made of Cloves, and Nutmegs. You must forbear Lettice, and raw fruits, all tart things, and the chewing of hard things: also all Meats of evill digestion, an d vomiting, and straining of your self.

Medicines for the Teeth. To keep the Teeth sweet, clean, and from danger of Worms, or a Regiment Ach

Take a Pint of White Wine, two Ounces of Alum, and a quarter of an ounce of Honey, boil them together, and wash your Mouth therewith every morning.

Medicines for the Teeth. To make the teeth white

Take Vinegar of Quinces, and dip a little piece of Cloth in it, and rub thy Teeth, and Gums therewith: the said Vinegar fasteneth the Teeth and Gums, comforteth the Roots of the Teeth, and maketh sweet Breath.

For the Mouth. For the Canker in the Mouth

Take nine Leaves of Sage, and stamp them with a little Salt and Verjuice, and make thereof a Plaister, and lay it thereto, and it will be whole, but you must dresse it twice a day.

For the Mouth. For a Mouth that is staid with heat

Take Ribwort, and seeth it in Red Wine, and hold it in your Mouth hot, and do this often, and be whole.

For the Mouth. To recover a Mans Speech

Take the Juice of Sage and Primrose, and put into the Patients Mouth, and he shall speak straight, or within a while later.

For the Mouth. For a stinking Breath

Take an Ounce of Sage, and make thereof Powder, one Ounce of Rosemary Flowers, half an Ounce of Cloves, two Drams of Cinamon, two Nutmegs, and two Grains of Musk, and make them all into Powder, then take as much purified Honey as will cover all of them, put in a Box, and set it in the Sun five dayes, and it will be perfect: then take every Morning fasting half an Ounce, and so at Night to comfort the Meat that it putrifie not, or corrupt the Stomach; and be whole.

For the Mouth. For stinking of the Mouth

Take the Juice of black Mints, and of Rue a like much, and put into thy Nostrills and this will help thee. This is proved.

For the Mouth. For spitting of Blood

Take the Juice of Betany, and temper it with Goats Milk, and let the sick drink thereof three dayes, and he shall be whole: Or take Smallage, Mints, Rue, and Betany, and boil all these together in good Milk, and sup it warm.

Medicines for the Mouth

Whosever would have help for the Mouth or for the Tongue, or for the Ears, oir for the Eyes, or for the Nose, or for the Teeth, or for any dolour, or pain which may be in any of those parts or places; let them use otherwhiles Sternutations, and Pills of Cochy, and once or twice a Month, let them use Gargarizes to exhaust and draw out the Rheume out of the Head, the which Rheume is cause of many infirmities in mans body, as doth more largely appear as followeth.

For the Nose. To stop Bleeding at the Nose

Take Amber, and burn it in a Chafingdish of Coals, and let the smoak of it go up into thy Nose, and it will stop Bleeding. A Tailor Bleeding twenty four houres without ceasing, and no Medicine could stay him, at last he took a Skain of black Threed, and put the one end thereof in at the Nostrills, and the other was set on Fire, and when he had received the Smoke into his Nostrills, the great Flux ceased immediately, and he bled no more in a long time after.
Another for the same

Take the root of the great Romane Nettle, and let the Patient chew it in his mouth, and to refresh it with another Root, for this is great need hath been found very saving for staying of the Flux of Blood. And when I could stop the Blood with no manner of Medicine, then I opened a Vein in the Ear, and so let out a good quantity of blood: this is the last Refuge for Bleeding at the Nose.

For the Nose. For Pushes and Pimples in the Nose

Take the Yolk of an Egge, and bray it with Ceruse, and so anoint your Nose therewith, and be whole within four or five dayes at the most: or take the Juice of Plantane, and the roots of Burres, and Salt, and Verjuice, and stamp them all together, and strain out the Juice, and herewith wash thy Nose, and it will be whole.

For the Nose. To kill a Canker in the Nose

Take and boil Strong Ale untill it rope, and be it like a Salve, then lay it on a plaister of Leather, and lay it on the Nose, and it will heal it: and for stinking Flesh that groweth on the Nose, take and distill Serpentine, called Adders-tongue, and then put of the same Water with Cotton into the Nostrills where the stinking Flesh is: And against the Imposthumation of the Nose, take and distill Flower de Luce, and lay wet Clothes thereon: also Water of Sowthistles, called Carduus Benedictus, doth heal the Noli me tangere in the Nose, wet Clothes being laid thereon, and some of the Powder of the same will heal the Nose.

For the Nose. A singular Medicine to stop blood

Take Swines Dung, as hot as you may have it from the Swine, & when you have cleansed the congeal'd Blood out of the Nose, wring it through a Cloth, and let that juice pierce into the side from whence the Blood cometh, and by the Grace of God it shall stanch anon. Moreover it is good to bind the Feet and Arms, as hard as can be suffered with a Cord or Lace, the stronger the better: Or take strong Vinegar, and put it into the side of the Nostrill that bleedeth; and if they bleed both, put it into both, and it shall stop straight: Or take and bear about thee the herb Appium, otherwise called March Smallage, that groweth by the Waterside, and whilest thou bearest the same about thee, thou shalt not bleed, if thou haddest many Wounds.

For the Nose. For stinking of the Nose

Take Cloves, Ginger, and Calamints, of each alike, and seeth them in white Wine, and therewith wash the Nose, and after put in Powder of Pierimonie to provoke sneesing: Also if the cause of thy stinking come from thy Stomach, first help thy Stomach, as shall be said in the Remedies for the Stomach.

For the Nose. For bleeding of Nose

To restrict the Blood which doth flow out of a mans Nose, let him smell to a Hogs Tird, and lay his Stones and Cods in Vinegar. If it be a Woman, let her lay her breasts in Vinegar, or else exhaust an Ounce or more of Blood out of a Vein called Cephalica.

For the Nose. For a fleshy humor growing in the Nose, or for a bottle Nose

Take of the Powder of Dragagant with a little Honey, and make a Tent thereof, and introduce it into your Nose, or Nostrills, or take the Juice of Black Ivy, with a little Cotton, and make a Tent, and put it in your Nostrills.

For the Ear. To draw an Ear-wig out of the Ear

Take a piece of an old Apple, and put it into the Ear of the Patient, and lie down all night upon the same side, and in the Morning pluck away the Apple very quickly, and the Worm will come forth. [This helpt a Woman in Oxfordshire] Also another Woman had one of the said Worms in her Ear, and she took Aqua vita, and dropped it into her Ear, and stopped her Ear with Bumbast, and laid her down on the same side, and was holpen presently; but if once will not serve, do it two or three  times.

For the Ears. For pain in the Ears, or for default of hearing

Take the oyl of sweet Almonds, and drop it into thine ear, and it helpeth the pain speedily; also milk sodden, and put into a stone pot with a narrow mouth, and the fore ear holden over the pot, that the vapor of the milk may ascend into the eare; this taketh away the pain, and breaketh the imposthume of the head, this is proved true.

Another for the same

Take the oil of a sliver Eel, with black wooll of a Ram, betwixt the hinder legs, and the flank, it helpeth presently the pain, and will cause the Ear to run. Also the oyl of a Weasle or Mole helpeth the hearing very well, but you must make it in this sort, when the Weasle or Mole is stripped of his skin, then put the said Weasle or Mole into an earthen jug, and stop the jug very close, and put the pot into seething water, and let it stand there three houres, and then take it out, and put the clear substance into a Glasse.

For the Ears. A water to help the hearing

Take and distill Sorrell, or Wormwood in a common stillitory, and take foure drops of either of the same waters, whether you will, and put into the ear lukewarm.

For the Ears. To make one hear that is deaf

Take green Elm, and lay it amidst the Fire and take the water that cometh out at the ends thereof a spoonfull, and take a spoonfull of the juice of Sengreen, and a spoonfull of Eels grease, that is a kind of black Eel, of the gobbin next the navell, and boil them together a little over the fire, and then put the liquor into a glasse, and put thereof into thine eares when thou art in bed, and  within a day thou shalt be whole: but look that the liquor be milk-warm: or take the juice of Betany, and let it rest a good while, and then take black Sope, and the juice together, and put it into thine Ears.
Another for the same

Take Comomill, Melilot, Marjoram, Calamint, Hysop, Wormwood, Pennyroyall, Stechados, Mints, of each a handfull, boil them in running water one houre, and dip a cloth therein, and hold it hot to the Eare that the heat may enter into thy head, and after stop thy ears with cotton or black wooll, that no cold may enter, and this will help the hearing.

For the Ears. For an Ear-wig or Worm in the Ear

Take the juice of Wormwood, Rue, and Sothernwood, of each a like much, and mingle them together, and put it into the Ear, and that will slay the Worm that is in any mans head within five nights at the furthest, and lay some of the substance of the herbs plaister-wise.

For the Eyes. A medicine for the Pearl and the Flegme grown over the Eye

Take the Gall of an hare, and boil it with as much Honey as the Gall. Probatum est.

For the Eyes. To make a water for sore Eyes, which is excellent

Take the filing of Brasse, of Iron, Lead, of Steel, and of Gold, and put it one day in the water of a clean Virgin to steep, the second day put it in white Wine, being hot, the third day in the juice of Fennell, the fourth day in the milk of an Ewe, the fifth in red Wine, the sixth day in three whites of Egges, and then put it into a Stillitory, and distill it with a soft fire, and keep the water in a vessell, this water is right excellent and precious for a mans sight, and destroyeth the Leprosie.

For the Eyes. A speciall medecine for Eyes, first to clarifie the sight, and curable to all Passions to Eyes, as hath been proved many times, and if the Eyes be therewith washed, or else one drop of cleer water put therein, it cleareth the sight, and is much profitable to strained Eyes, it will destroy a Pearl, overcometh the Megrim, and healeth any Eye that is smitten with a stroke

Take red Fennell, Rue, Eufrace, Vervain, Betany, red Roses, Grape leaves, Appium, Egrimony, ground Ivy, that groweth upon an oak, and of all these take even portions, and it must be put foure dayes and four nights in this manner following: the first day and night in white Wine, the second day and night in Water of a Manchild, a Virgin, the third day and night in Womans milk, the fourth day and night in clean Honey: and this done, take all the herbs and put them into a stillitory, and the water that cometh thereof ye shall put into a viall, and use this as aforesaid, and in this water put the fourth part of an ounce of Camphere beaten in a morter, this is excellent medicine.

For the Eyes. A precious medecine for sore and dim Eyes

Take a handfull of Tyme, an handfull of Vervain, a handfull of Rose leaves, a handfull of brown Fennell, and when you have washed those herbs clean, put them into a Stillitory, and then put thereto a pint of white Wine, and eight penniworth of pure white Coperas, and distill the same, and put it into a glasse, and use to wash your Eyes therewith. Probatum est.
Another for sore Eyes

Take red Rue, Smallage, Vervain, Maiden-hair, Ivy, Sengreen, Walwort, and red Fennell, of each a handfull, wash them clean, and lay them in good white Wine a day and a night, and after put them all into a stillitory, and still them; for the first water will be like gold, the second like silver, and the third like Balm, and keep it in a glasse and use it.

For the Eyes. A medicine wherewith one was holpen that had a prong thrust into the white of his Eye

Take the right ground Ivy, Salendine, the green of a Goose Tird, & Womans milk, and put them together in a Glasse, then when they be settled, powr out the clearest, and put it into thine Eyes, and this will make thee whole.

For the Eyes. I have known a woman heal many blind people with this medecine following

Take Daysie roots, Betany flowers, Pimpernell, and red Fennel, stamp them, and strain them, with stale Ale, and drink of this evening and morning, and lay outwardly to thy Eyes, Rose-water, Womans milk, and the white of an Egg with Tow, being well beaten together: the drink will be better, if you pound, and put the juice of Cheslocks, a worm so called, that is between the bark and the body of trees commonly, and then the juice of the said worm, put into the sore Eyes, healeth them.

For the Eyes. For Eyes that are swoln

Take two spoonfulls of Womans milk, one spoonfull of Rose water, the pap of a rosted Apple, and the yolk of a new laid Egge, and boil all these together in a sawcer upon a chafing-dish of coals untill it be thick, and spread it upon a little cloth of the bignesse of the Eyes, and lay it to lukewarm, one day and a night, or until you see them something asswaged, and then wash them  with Womans milk. Probatum est.

For the Eyes. For sore Eyes

Take the juice of Houseleek, Womans milk, Rose water, or Woodbine water, and the white of a new laid Egge well beaten, the froth taken away, and beat all these together, and dip in Flax, and lay it to your Eyes when you go to bed. Probatum est.

For the Eyes. For a Pin and Web in the Eye

Take the Ivy leaves, that grow upon an Ash tree, wipe them clean with a cloth, and stamp them and strain them, with Womans milk, if it be a man that a Pearl in the Eye, strain it with the milk of a woman that nurseth a Girl; if a woman have a Pearl, then with the milk of a Boy, and the sorer the Eye is, the more of the juice you must take, and lesse of the milk, and drop this Medicine into thine Eye with a feather, morning and Evening, and twice in the afternoon. This is proved.

For the Eyes. A medicine for any that have the small Pox fallen into their Eyes

Take Pimpernell and stamp it, and strain it, and take the juice thereof and drop it into your Eyes, where the small Pox is, with a feather, morning and evening, and this is a speciall good Medicine for a Pin, a Web, or a Pearle in the Eye.

For the Eyes. For a hurt in a mans Eye that cometh with a stroke

Take Betany two handfulls, and beat it small in a mortar, and put thereto the white of an Egge, and break it with the other in a mortar, and take of the same liquor, and put it into thine Eye, and lay some upon the Eye, and bind it fast, and do so nine days, and be whole.

Another for the same

Take Egremony and bray it, and temper it with white Wine, and an Egge, and make a plaister thereof, and lay it to the outside of thine Eye, and if were almost out, it would heal it without doubt.

For the Eyes. To make a precious water for sore Eyes, that be fair to look on, and yet cannot see with them

Take Smallage, and red Fennell, Rue, Betany, Vervain, Pimpernell, Eyebright, Sage, and Salendine, of every one of these a quartern, and wash them clean, and stamp them in a very fair vessell, and take the powder of fifteen Peppercorns, and a pint of good white Wine, and three spoonfulls of good live Honey, and fifteen spoonfulls of the water of a man-child that is very young, then put all these together, and let it boil over the fire a little, and then strain it through a clean cloth, and keep it in a vessell or glasse well stopped, and when you will occupie it, put some of it into your Eyes with a feather, and if it dry away in the glasse, then put a little white Wine to it, and this is good for all sore Eyes; if thy Eyes be never so sore, in fifteen dayes it will heal thee. Probatum est.

For the Eyes. To make a precious water for sore eyes, and for all manner of sores, as followeth

Take red Roses, Smallage, Rue, Vervain, Maiden-hair, Eufrasia, Eyebright, Endive, Sengreen, Walwort, red Fennel, and Salendine, of every one of these half a quartern; wash them, and lay them in good white Wine twenty four houres, and then distill them, and the first water will be like gold, the second water will be like silver and the third like balm; keep it well in a viall or glasse, for it is worth any Balm for any manner of evill, or sore Eye, and this hath been proved many times.

For the Eyes. A medicine to clear the sight

Take clean Rose water a quantity in a sawcer, and take clean Myrrhe as much as a nut, and break it to powder small, and bind it in a clean linnen cloth, and let it lie in the Rosewater twelve hours, and then the water will wax somewhat red of the Myrrhe, then take of this water, and put it into your Eye, and this will clear the sight very well. Probatum est.

For the Eyes. For a Pearl and Web in the Eye

Take fine white Ginger and grate it upon a whetstone, and then beat fine a little white Coperas, and put to it, and when the Patient goeth to bed, put some of it with a quill into his Eyes, and when it hath been there a little while, take ground Ivy beaten, and strained, with womans Milk, and puit three or foure drops into your Eyes evening, and morning, after the white Coperas hath been in your Eyes half and hour. Probatum est.

Another for the same

Take fine white Ginger, beaten fine into powder, & searse it, and seeth it a great while in good whit Wine, and put it into a faire vessell of Latten well stirred, and let it stand in the vessell till it look green, then put it into a glasse, and when you have need of it, use it with a little white Coperas at the dressing; Or for the Web in the Eye, take the gall of an Hare, and clarified Honey by even portions, and mingle them together, and lay it on the Web, and within three nights the Web shall break and save the sight. Probatum est.

For the Eyes. A medicine for sore Eyes, and for the Megrim in the head

Take the white of a new laid Egge clean taken from the yolk, and a spoonfull of white Ginger, and a spoonfull of strong white Vinegar made of Malmsey, or white Wine, and a spoonfull of clean Rose water; but first the white of the Egge must be well beaten, and then to the oyl of the Egge put your other things above written, and beat them all together, then take Flax, as much as will make two plaisters, for either Temple one, with a cloth, and dip it into the medicine, and bind upon every Temple one with a cloth, and take heed the medicine do not touch your Eyes, and do this three or four nights together, and every morning the Eyes will cleave together with the Gumme; but this medicine hath brought to sight them that were eight weeks stark blind.

For the Eyes. To draw Rheume back that falleth into the Eye

Take an Egge, and rost it hard, and slit it into two parts, and lay it hot to the nape of the neck, and thou shalt find ease presently.

For the Eyes. To save a mans sight a long time good

Take a crop of Rue, and another of Camomile, and eat them fasting, with a fig or two three dayes in a week, and this will save thy sight.

For the Eyes. For the Eyes that run full of water, and be bleared

Take the juice of Rue foure spoonfulls, and two of Honey, and mingle them together, and when you go to bed, put thereof into your Eyes and keep it in together, and use this, and it will help thee. Or take two or three roots of red Fennell, and the leaves also, and a branch of Salendine, and a good race of white Ginger, pared and beaten flat, and if one be not great enough take two races, put all these into half a pint of running water and cover it, and use to put of this water into your Eyes, when you go to bed, and an houre before you rise in the morning; when you take thereof strain it.

For the Eyes. To make a good water for sore Eyes

Take Fennell, Rue, Eufrace, Vervain, torn Mintill, Betany, red Roses, Endive, Sowthistles, call'd Chicken meat, Pimpernell, red Salendine, Filago, the leaves of Piony, the leaves of white Vine, March, Egremony, Sinkfoil, called Woodbine, of each a like quantity, bray them well together, and the first day lay them in white Wine, the seond day lay them in the Urine of a man-child, the third day, lay them in the Milk of a woman, that feedeth a man-child, the fourth day, in clean Hony, and then distill them with a clean fire softly, and keep that water well, for it is excellent.

For the Eyes. For a Pin and Web in the Eye

If there be a Pin and Web in the Eye, or other blemish in the ball of the Eye, take water of Pimpernell, Vervain, or Salendine.

For the Eyes. To clear the sight, or for rednesse of the Eyes

Take Salt and Ginger, and make it in fine powder, and temper it with white Wine, and let it so stand a day and a night, then take off the thinnest ryne, and wet your Eyes with a feather to bedward.

For the Eyes. A regiment for them that have sore Eyes

Take heed that you always keep your body loose, and abstain from fire, smoke, wind, dust, and over hot and cold aire, and from weeping, and long reading of small  letters, from over long watching, over much drinking of Wine, and eating late, for all these are noysome to the Eyes; also all vaporous things, as Onions, Leeks, Garlick, Mustard, Pease, and Beans are very dangerous; forbear day sleep, and behold green things, clear and precious.

For the Eyes. A finger powder that drieth and taketh away the redness of the Eyes

Take Tutty prepared an ounce, Antimonie half an ounce, Pearles two drams, red Corall a dram and a half, pound all these together very fine, and keep them in a box of Tyn, and use when thou hast need.

For the Eyes. A water to clarifie the dimnesse of the sight

Take the juice of Fennell, and Salendine, Rue, and Eyebright, of each toe ounces, Honey and ounce and a half, Aloes, Tyme, and Sarcocell, of each half an ounce, the caul of a Capon, Chicken or Cock, two drams; Nutmegs, Cloves, and Saffron, of each a dram, Sugar Candy six drams, put all into a limbeck of glasse, and distill it, and of this water put into your Eyes, and if you could get the liver of a Hee-Goat, and mix with the said things in the distillation, that water will be of much greater vertue, and almost without comparison.

Another for the same

Take the green Walnuts husks and all from the trees, with a few Walnut leaves, and distill thereof a water, to drop into your eyes.

For the Eyes. For blear Eyes

Take the juice of Wormwood, and mingle it with water made of the white of an Egg, and put it into thine Eyes, and it shall put the blood and aking away.

For the Eyes. A water to clear the sight

Take Fennell, Vervain, Roses, Salendine, and Rue, of each two ounces, and distill them, and wash thine Eyes therewith, for it is good for all manner of sore Eyes.

For the Eyes. For a blast in the Eye

Meddle not with it with medicines, but wear before thine Eye, a piece of black Sarsenet, and eat neither Garlick, nor Onions, nor drink no Wines, nor strong Ale, and it will away.

For the Eyes. For a bloodshotten Eye

Take the white of two new laid Egges and beat them to a watrish spome; then put Tow unto it, and three nights together lay it to thine Eye, and bind it fast, and renew it every night, and wear a green cloth before thine Eye.

For the Eyes. For a white that doth grow over the black of the Eye

First purge the Rheum with Anacardine, and Sternutations, or Gargarices, and then make a plaister made with the white of two Egs, & beat it well together, and then put to it a little Honey, and after that put to it Flax, or Tow, and to bedward lay it over the Eyes, and let it lie all night, and in the morning wash thine Eyes with cold water, and a fine cloth; do this three nights one after another, and be whole.

For the Eyes

First, if it do come of Rheume or corrupt blood, purge Rheume, and blood; if it do come otherwise, be let blood in a vein called Mediana, and use locall waters as waters, to mundisie the place, and then use Salves sanative.

Medicines for the Head. For pain in the Head

Take the juice of Ivy, that groweth upon trees, and oyl of Roses, and mingle them together with Wine, and anoint your Head therewith, and this will make it leave aking. Probatum.

Medicines for the Head. To purge the Head of evill humors

Take the root of Pellitory of Spain, and chew a piece thereof on either side of thy mouth, between thy gumms, and close thy mouth fast, till the water cometh down; then let the water go forth, but hold the root still a quarter of an houre.

Medicines for the Head. For lightness in the Head

Take small tents of linnen cloth, and dip them in Cinamon water, and put them into thy nostrills, and thou shalt be help't presently.

Medicines for the Head. A remedy for the Head

Take the juice of Ivy leaves, mixt with Oyl, and Vinegar, and rub therewith your temples, and your nostrills.

Medicines for the Head. An excellent medicine

Take a farthingworth of Pellitory of Spain, and a quarter of Stavesacre seed, and beat both together, and then drink a draught of Malmsey, and put a spoonfull of this powder in your mouth, rolling it up and down, till your mouth be hot, and full of flegme, and then spit it all out; then take a stool and set before you, and lay a cushion under your knees, and set a bason under your mouth, and gape as wide as you can, and then the flegme will void from you out of all the members of your Head to the bason, and let it go; use this once in a year, and you shall be the better for it, a long time.

Medicines for the Head. For hair that faileth on thy Head

Take and bray Linseed, and mingle it togther with oyl-Olive, and when it is well beaten together, anoint thy Head therewith three or four times, and this will heal thee, or take oyl of Tartar and warm it, and then rub your Head with it, or any place that is scald, eight or nine dayes, and the hair will come again.

Medicines for the Head. For the weakness of the Brain

Take a handfull of Rosemary, Sage, Marjoram, Hysop, Betany, the leaves, and roots; and the seeds and roots of Pyony; wash all these said herbs , and put them into a pottle of fair Water, and let them seeth together untill the one half be wasted; then take out the herbs, and put to the said water almost half a pint of Honey clarified, and let it boil well together with a dram of Stecados, knit in a linnen cloth; and let it boil till the sweetness of the Honey be boiled out: then take out the Stecados, and put thereto a quarter of an ounce of Cinamon, three Nutmegs well bruised, and put them to the same liquor, and seeth them together a good while; then strain it through a linnen cloth, and for use to drink it morning and evening, and it shall comfort thy brain.

Medicines for the Head. For the Rheume in the Head

Take and seeth Pimpernell in Wine, and drink it in the Evening hot, and in the morning cold; this will help thee: Or take and stew Onions in Water, in a close pot, and bath thy Head, thy mouth, and thy nose therewith, and it will help thee.

Medicines for the Head. For a scalded Head

Take the liver of a Thornback and seeth it by it self, and six Elacampana roots, and seeth them by themselves in water three houres, and put thereto three handfulls of Houseleek stamped, and strained through a cloth, and make an ointment thereof, and anoint the Head therewith, and if the hair be gone, take a handfull of Wooll, and bray it hot to powder, then take two spoonfulls of Honey, and anoint thy Head therewith; where it is pilled, and thy hair will soon come again, as thick as in any other place of thy Head.

Medicines for the Head. To stop and dry up Rheume

Take Cummin-seed, a Nutmeg and a little Baysalt, every one beaten to powder alone, and spread the same upon hurds of Flaxe, in a cloth, and hold the same over the perfume of Frankincense, and lay it hot to your Head.

Medicines for the Head. For the Megrim in the Head

Take sowr Bread, and Chickweed, and bray them together, and boil it in Vinegar, and so bind it to the grieved place, or take and seeth Barley well in water, and as it seeths, put in Betanie, and other good herbs for the Head, and when they be well sodden, bind them to thy head.

Medicines for the Head. A water for the Rheume in the Head, and how to put away the Palsie

Take a red Onyon, and break it small, and seeth it in a little Verjuice, and put thereto a little Honey clarified, and when they be well sod together, put thereto a great spoonfull of Mustard, and let it seeth long together; then lay the sick upright, and he shall find ease: Do this three dayes twice per day, and be whole.

Medicines for the Head. To purge the Head

Take the juice of Primrose, and milk of a cow, and with a quill blow it into thy nostrills, and this will purge the head.

Medicines for the Head. For all manner of head-aches

Take the grease of a Hart, and mingle it with Oat meal, and Sorrell, and temper them well, then lay it plaisterwise to thy temples. This is proved.

Medicines for the Head. For pain in the Head

Take Rue, Heyhoad, Camomell flowers, Betany, Vervain, Mints, Hillwort, red Fennell, Wormwood and Sothernwood, of each a handfull, and wash them, and shred them small, and seeth them in water, and mingle the herbs with wheat bran, and make a plaister and lay it on thy mold as hot as thou canst suffer it, and bind it on with a Kerchief, and thou shalt be whole in short space.

Medicines for the Head. A remedy for the Head, whatsoever the pain be

Take an handfull of Betanie, an handfull of Cammomell, and a handfull of Vervain leaves picked, stamp them and seeth them in black Wort, or in Ale for went of Wort, and in the latter end of the seething, put to it a little Cummin brayed, the powder of a Harts-horn, and the yolks of two Egges, and a Saffron a little, and stir them well together, and lay a plaister hot over all the forehead and Temples. This is an excellent remedy: also for the Megrim, it shall pierce the better, if you shall add to the medicine, a little Vinegar.

Medicines for the Head. A remedy for the universall pain of the Head

First, beware of all things which do hurt the Head, as Garlick, Onions, Chiboles, Wine stooping, downe with thy Head, extreme labour, and such like; and beware of surfeiting and drunkenness, and purge thy Head with Gargacies, and sternutations, and purge thy Head and thy stomack twice per week, with pills of Coch, or such like, and be whole.


Courteous and kind Reader, I must confesse that divers learned men have taken much pains in translating sundry books, containing most wholesome and profitable precepts of Physick and Chyrugery, wherein they have published, and at large declared all such things as seemed necessary and expedient in Physick, to be known in our Native and mother Tongue, to the intent, that every one that would take the pains to peruse them, and make tryall of them, might benefit themselves, and do much good to their acquaintance and friends.

To the same intent and purpose, I have collected this small (though beneficial Treatice) I have thought fit to write something in the behalf and praise thereof, finding many rare experimented medicines, which (put in practise) may prove beneficial to studious and carefull Practicioners; and I doubt not that they may gain much credit and applause, both by their practise and by their cure (if they please to put them in practise) which will be little expense unto them, though great credit and benefit.

There are many curious Medicaments therein contained, and divers of them approved by famous Physitians of good esteem: And therefore defise all who affect their healths, to make use of such medicines as they shall find sutable to the preservation thereof; as also, for such as are necessary for the recovery of such as are sick and weak, being confident by Gods assistance, that much happiness will redound to such as make tryall of them.

And to the end, that this little volume might not be dispiseable, but estimable and beneficial to the Commonwealth of England; I have thought fit to write this much in the praise thereof, wishing good success in its progress, and to all that shall peruse and practise on it, and to all Students, Practitioners, and well wishers to Physical practise, and that their studies, labours, and practise may alwaies be successfull and prosperous, to the honour and glory of God, the good of the Common-wealth, the benefit of their Patients, and to their perpernall fame and renown, and therefore do with that every one of them would use all care to spend some part of their study, how to benefit the Commonwealth, knowing the saying of Cicero (non solum nobis nati sumus) but to be helpful to our friends and strangers, which is most commendable. This I conceive should invite all well-wishers to the generall good, to imitate the example of divers learned Phisitians, who have not only cured divers out of charity, but also left most famous pieces of Phisick and Chyrurgery printed in English, for the good of all that will take the pains to read them, and practise on their labours. And certain I am, that many by their care and industry following their prescriptions, have gained much benefit, and great esteem thereby, and though ignorant in Phisick, or the practise thereof, became Practitioners, and famous by others labours and indeavours, and successfull also in what they undertook. I hope the same happiness will befall such as will take the pains and care in reading this Treatise, and likewise make trial of the medicaments herein contained, which is and shall be desire and prayer of
R. W.


This handbook was the primary source of reference for a physician who practised medicine during his life in the 17th century. He annotated the pages with handwritten notes from his own experience.

Entries will be added to this blog as time permits, and for the convenience of readers  the 'long s' will be represented as an 's' so that it is not confused with an 'f'. However, the original spellings and grammar will be kept, so as to convey a better picture of the time.

Some pages have been lost as he rode from dwelling to dwelling, including the frontispiece. There is a preface by R.W., and although it is not known what the initials stand for, he was closely associated with the works of Culpeper, and therefore very familiar with the latest herbal treatments and remedies.