Medicines for the fundament. For the falling out of the fundament

Take a red Nettle and bray it well, and put it in an earthen pot and put thereto a good portion of white wine, and seeth it until it be half wasted, and of the liquor give the patient to drink first and last warm, and lay the herbs to the fundament as hot as he may suffer it, and use this and be whole.

Medicines for the fundament. For him that his fundament goeth out

Take Bay leaves and boyl them in a pot of water, and as hot as you can suffer it, you must sit over it, to the intent the fume of the water may go up into the body, and with your finger put it up by little and little, and when it is hot, heat an Oaken board, and sit on it as hot as you can suffer it, and it will help you.

Medicines for the fundament. For the figge in the fundament

This Impediment is a Impostumation or lump of flesh growing in the Longation, and it doth come of melancholy humors, the which doth descend to the Longation, or fundament, and for remedy, purge the matter with confection of hamock, or with the pills of Lapides Lazule, or with Vera Rufini, then take of the powder of a dogs head burned, and mix it with the juyce of pimpernel, and make tents and put into the fundament.

Medicines for the fundament. A remedy for falling out of the Fundament

First be aware of taking cold in that place, and beware of ccstiveness, and keep your arse and buttocks warm, and sit not upon cold earth not upon stones, nor upon no hard thing, but take something under the buttocks, not only for falling out of the Longation, or arsegut, for all other infirmities that may be engendred in the Longation.

Medicines for the Scyatica. For all manner of Gouts, and consumed members, and for the Scyatica passion

Take a pound of Riote of red docks that men make brogys of, and wash them clean and dry them in the sun, until the water be away, then cut them small, and bray them in a morter, and boyl them in a quart of strong vineger, until half be wasted; and then  with the same anoint the aking place, and it will amend: then keep it in a vial of glass, or els it will dry away. This medicine is very excellent for the diseases abovewritten, for it hath been very well proved.

Medicines for the Scyatica. For the Scyatica Passion

Take a Gallon of Urine, and seeth it well and scum it well, untill it be clear, and then take it downe, and let it stand untill it be cold and then put the cleer thereof into a faire Pot, and put away the dregs, and then take the same cleer Urine, and put it over the fire, and put therein a qaurt of black dew Snails, and boil them together until the Snails be wasted, then strain it through a hair sive, and keep the same liquor in an earthen pot, and anoint the hipp and the legg, therewith before a hot fire, and let the liquor be warm.

Medicines for the Scyatica. For the Scyatica in the Hip

Take a Pottle of wine Lees, and wine dregs and sower bread, and Cow-dung, and boyl these well together, and make a plaister thereof, and lay it to the paine as hot as you may suffer it, and this will heal you.

Medicines for the Scyatica.

This Infirmity cometh of hard lying on the Huckle-bones, or lying upon the ground, or upon a forme, or such like: it may come by a stripe, or by a fall, and it will run from the Huckle-bone to the knee, and from the knee to the anckle, and from the anckle to the little toe, and then it is past cure; and otherwhiles this Gowt will have a reflexion to the Reines of the back, and to the Flank; and it may come of a gross Flegmetique humour.

The chiefest remedy is, to anoint the place with oyl of Turpentine, and Aqua vitae compounded together, and use to anoint the place often against the fire, and a searcloth of pitch is good.

Another for the same

Take oyl of Olive, May butter, gall of a Bul, and red Onyons, and boyl these together and lay to the hips where the paine is; this is a good Medicine: or take a red cloth, and Anoynt it with Clarified Honey and thereupon strew the powder of Cummyn and as hot as you mau, Bind it to the sore, and be whole.

Remedies for a mans Yard. For one that cannot make water

Take the Stones and Kernels of Peches and Medlers, as much of the one as of the other; and make them into Powder, very fine, and searse them; this done, take fine Sugar, the weight of all this; and mingle all this together, and let the Patient drink thereof with good white Wine, and he shall be whole incontinent.

Another for the same

Take six or seven Berries of Ivy, and stamp them, and strain them with Ale, and give the sick to drink thereof, and he shall make water.

Another for the same

Take a pinte of good Ale, and put therein of Honey, even as it cometh out of the Hive with Bees, wax and all, and strain it with the Ale, then give it to the patient to drink, and within one quarter of an hour he shall make water; with this was one holpen that lay three dayes, and never made water.

Another for the same

Take a pinte of white Wine, and a good spoonful of Sivil Soap, finely scraped, and the yolks of two Eggs well put from the whites; beat all together, with the Wine, and then strain it and warm it luke-warm, and drink hereof as often as you shall feel pain, and this will help you; for it is proved.

Remedies for a mans Yard. For him that cannot make water

take Rue, Grommel, and Parsley, and stamp them, and mingle them with white Wine, and give the sick thereof to drink warm. or take the juyce of Cinquefoil, and drink it with Posset Ale, and it will make you make water anon.

Remedies for a mans Yard. For a mans Stones that hang long down

Take the fatness of a Conney, and anoint thy Cods and Stones therewith, and then wrap thy Stones in a Conny-skin; do this nine times, and labour not in nine dayes and be whole.

Remedies for a mans Yard. For burning with a Harlot

If a man be burnt with a Harlot, and do meddle with another woman within one day, she shall be burned: If one be burned, let him wash his secrets two or three times with white Wine, or Sack and water; but if the matter have continued long, go to some expert Chyrurgion to have help, or else thy Guts will burn and fall out of thy belly.

Remedies for a mans Yard. To make a water for a sore Yard

Take and put Allom in fair water and seeth it till it wax tough; then put it in a pewter Box this will cleanse a sore and make it fair.

Remedies for a mans Yard. For pain in a mans Yard through Gravel or Champife as followeth

Take Pellitory, and Boares-grease, and fry them together well, and make two Plaisters thereof, and lay one between the Navel and the Yard, and the other on the Reines of the back, and anon thou shalt deliver water and gravel, which before thou might not do but by drops; this will help thee without doubt.

Remedies for a mans Yard. For swellings on a mans Yard

Take Leeks, with the tails and wash them clean and stamp them, and fry them in Barrows-grease, and make a Plaister, and lay it all about the yard, and be whole. Or take Betony, and seeth it in Wine, and stamp it, and make a Plaister, and lay it to the Cods, and it will asswage the swelling of them; this is well proved.

Remedies for a Mans Yard. To heal a mans Yard that is sore

Take Turpentine and the yolk of an Egg, of each a like much, well beaten together with Saffron, and anoint the sore Yard therewith. Or take and seeth the powder of Lynseed in sweet Milk till it be thick, and lay it to the Yard Paister-wise, and anoint it with the juyce of Morrel and Plantane, and be whole.

Remedies for a Mans Yard. For the Erection of the Yard above Nature

Take first and anoint the Yard and Codds with oyl of Juniper, and the oyl of Camphret is good, and so is Agnus Castus braid and made in a Plaister, and laid upon the Stones.

This Impediment doth come of the inflamation of the Reins of the back, or of inflamation of the Veins of the Yard and Stones, or of too much use of Venerious acts.

Remedies for a Mans Yard

If this Impediment be of any interial cause use to drink Milk, or else drink oft a good portion of the water of Hawes, and inject into the Yard the water of Comphry; if the Impediment be betwixt the head and skin of the Yard, wash the head of the Yard divers times with white Wine, and after that use the powder of a rotten post, or any siccative Medicines is good; or else Populion or Unguentumei Epsiacon is good.

An approved Medicine for the Stone and Strangury

Take most of Licoras, then Anniseeds, Colianedr, Grommel, Fennel, Parsley and Alicander-seeds; then dry all these seeds and pound them severally by themselves; and note that Licoras, Anni-seeds, and Grommel-seeds be Restoratives; and when they are all in Powder, mix thereto powder of Syne, to the quantity of one half of one parcel of the scowrers; also mix thereto white Sugar-candy, to the quantity of your Licoras, with a Nutmeg or two; use this powder fasting in clear Ale, in your Broths, and in all suspected meats.

Medicines for the Side. For a Stich in the Left Side

Take a quantity of Cummin, and steep it in a pottle of Malmsey, then take and fry them together in a Pan, and put it into a linnen bag, and lay it hot to your side, and it will help you.

Medicines for the Side. For a Stich in the Side

Take the urine of him that is sick, Wormwood, and Cummin, and seeth them well together, and by the fire therewith anoint thy side, and after with the oil of Bay. Also Endive Water, water of Divells-bit, water of Mallows, and water of Carduus benedictus, are all good for the Stiitch.

Medicines for the Side. For Wind in the Side

Take the leaves of Holly, and dry them, and make powder thereof (but do  not burn them) and give the Patient thereof to drink in Beer or Ale, and it will ease immediatly. Proved by my Lady Coplin.

Medicines for the Jaundise. For the yellow Jaundise

Take Elecampane roots, and the inner bark of a Barberie, of each six ounces, of Salendine roots eight ounces, of English Saffron the weight of a groat, seeth all these in a pint of white Wine, strain it, and drink thereof foure spoonfulls morning and evening warm.

Medicines for the Jaundise. Another for the Jaundise

Take Hempseed and bruise it, and then boil it in good strong Ale or Beer, and scum it very clean, and let the sick drink of this drink, and eat the sodden seed.

Medicines for the Jaundise. For the black Jaundise

Take Enula Cumpana roots, and seeth them in milk, then take the milk and strain it through a piece of cotton, and give the sick to drink thereof. This did help a gentlewoman that was sixteen years troubled with the Jaundise, and could not be holpen.

For children take Turmerick and Ivory, of each two drams, of Saffron two scruples, seeth these in milk, and give it to the children that have the black or yellow Jaundise.

Another for the same

Seeth the inner bark of a Walnet tree in Ale or Beer, and in the same drink quench steel, being made red hot at least forty times, and drink of this five or six ounces at a time hot evening and morning; this is proved excellent good. Also Goats dung or Fallow Deers dung strained into milk and given to the sick, hath holpen the black Jaundise.

Medicines for the Jaundise.

Take Cows milk and white Wine, of each a pint, and distill them, and keep the water that cometh thereof, and give the sick to drink thereof two ounces in the morning, two hours before meat, and likewise after supper, when he goeth to bed.

Medicines for the Liver. For the Liver

Take a good handfull of Liver-Wort that groweth upon the stones, and another of Fumitory, and as much of Harts Tongue, and seeth them in Whey clarified, and drink it every day twice. if the Liver be hot, because of too much blood, the Patient hath red urid hasty Pulse, his Veins great & full, he feeleth his spittle, mouth, & tongue sweeter then it was wont to be; wherefore it is good to let bloud of the Liver Veine, on the right arm, and to use Lettice or Sorrell, Purslain and Hops in pottage, and sometime to drink of the water.

medicines for the Liver. To preserve a man from stopping of the Liver

Take a Fig and grosse Pepper, with the crops of Time, if it be eaten two hours before supper, it preserveth a man from opilations of the Liver. Also the Liver of a Hare fried and made into powder is good for all diseases of the Liver.

Medicines for the Liver. For the stopping of the Liver

Take Ivy berries, and Egrimony, Harts Tongue, Liver-Wort, and the bark of an Ash, of all these a little quantity, and put them to double as much Polypodion, as of any one of the rest, and make thereof pottage, broth, or syrupe. if the Liver be opilated, the face will swell, and the pain will be in the right side.

Medicines for the Liver. For one that is Liver brent

Take Sowthistle, Dadelion, and Rib-Wort, and seeth them in water with Licorish, untill the one half be wasted, and drink of this at all times, saving at meat.

Medicines for the Liver. For the heat of the LIver

Take Liver-Wort, and five-leaved Grasse, Succory, Endive, Buglosse, and Borage, and seeth all these in Whey, and drink of this as often as you will, and this will help you.

Medicines for the Liver. For one that hath his Liver cloven to his ribs

Take a shelfull of the juice of Betany, and a quarter of a pint of white Wine, and a spoonfull of honey, and Pepper corns, temper these together, and d rink thereof, and it will help you.

Medicines for the Liver. A Restorative for the Liver and the Lungs, if they be rotten it will restore it again, and do away the Gleme from the Heart, and comfort the same

Take Fennell Roots and Parsly roots, and pill away the Bark, and pull out the pith, and cast it away, then mince them small, and put into a brazen pot three quarts of water, and set it on the fire, and put the roots therein, then take Figs and cut them small and pound them, and put a quantity of Honey to it, and let it boil a while, then take it down and clarifie it through a cloth into a vessell of glasse, and stop it fast that no air go out, and let the sick drink of it hot in the morning, and cold at night a good draught.

Medicines for the Liver. An Ointment for the Liver that maketh good Digestion, and keepeth the body from Putrifying

Take Oil of Roses, and Oil of Wormwood, of each two ounces, and set them over the fire, and when they begin to boil, put thereto an ounce and a half of fine Mastick, and when the Mastick is dissolved, strain it while it is warm in the morning, and make a plaister thereof, and lay it to your side, and be whole.

Medicines for the Stomach. For the stomach that cannot Digest, nor have Appetite to Meats

Take and drink often Sorrell Water, or Angelica Water, or Betany Water, or ground Ivy Water, for all these are good for the same.

Medicines for the Stomach. A precious Powder for Digestion

Take Ginger, Cinamon, and Galingale, of each one ounce, of Anniseeds, Caraway seeds, and Fennell seeds half an ounce, long Pepper Grains, Maces, Nutmegs, of each two ounces, of Setwell one ounce, make all these in fine Powder, and put to them two pound and a half of fine Sugar, and use this Powder before meat and after at your pleasure, it is good to comfort the Stomach, and against Wind.

Medicines for the Stomach. A precious medicine for all Winds in the body, the Strangullion and the Stone

Take the Root of a white Lilly that never bare flower, and bruise it, and seeth it in a pint of white Wine, and put itnto it two spoonfulls of Anniseeds and Sugar, and let it seeth, till it be more than half sodden away, and give it to the sick that is in pain, and it shall soon ease him of the great pains.

Medicines for the Stomach. To make one Vomit

Take an Oken Leaf, and lay it upon your tongue, the rough side downward, and hold close your mouth, and this will make you Vomit. Probatum est.

Medicines for the Stomach. For burning in the Stomach

Take Sorrell, Cinue-foil, Borage, and Violet Leaves, and stamp them together, and strain them into Ale, and make a posset thereof, and drink it next your hart when you feel your self grieved, and when the heat is gone, make posset Ale of Mercury, and that will restore you to heat again, and bring you to good temper.

Things evill for the Stomach.

All sweet things, for they make the Stomach well, old cheese, honey, marrow of bones not well sodden, to eat e're thou art hungry, to eat many sorts of meat at one sitting, to drink e're thou be athirst, to eat bread not well baked, heavinesse, anger, dread, thought, raw flesh, over great travell, all fried meats, much bathing after meat, too much casting, to eat when thou art over hot, and all milk is naught, save Goats milk.

Medicines for the Stomach. For the Stomach that hath the Pipes stopped, and so the Dropsie breedeth

Take two parts of Cinamon, and the third part of Galingall, and the same quantity of Ginger, and put that Powder into a spoonfull of Hysope Water, and drink it fasting, and be whole.

Medicines for the Spleen. Another for the Spleen

Take the roots of Nettles, and stamp them well together with Vineger, and lay it unto the Spleen when it swelleth. Also the lungs of a Fox dried and made into powder, and eat in a Fig in the morning, is very good.

Medicines for the Spleen. An expert Medicine for all diseases of the Spleen

Take the leaves and cods of Seny, the bark of an SAsh tree scraped and cut, Maidenhair, harestongue and Licorish, and seeth them all together in clear Wine, and then strain it, and drink thereof twice or thrice a day till it be amended. or seeth the Rine of an Ash in whit Wine, and drink thereof, and it will help thee. or take your own Water in the morning and wash your side, and a little the stomach downward, and it will help you.

Medicines for the Breast. For a woman that lacketh Milk in her Breasts

Take of Chrystall ten penniweight, and make fine powder thereof, and drink it with Bustard or Muskadell five or six times, or take of Fennell, of Mallows, of Anniseeds, of March, of each two handfulls, and seeth it in Bastard or Muscadell, and strain it it, and drink it oft. If the Breast be long, and big, and great, make a plaister with hemlocks sodden in white Wine and lay it to the Breasts. If there be any Inflammations in the Brests, take the Whites of two Eggs and two handfulls of houseleek, compound both together and lay it to the Brest. If thy Milk be crudded in the Brests, take Dragagant, and Gumm Arabick, and compound them with whites of raw Eggs, and the oil of Violets, and make a plaister thereof: Or take pitch and liquefie it in the oil of Roses, and put thereto a little Goats dung, and dregs of Wine, and make a plasister thereof.

Medicines for the Breast. To make the Breasts shrink, and to heal them

Take Hemlock, stamp it and temper it with Verjuice, and lay it on the sore Breasts, and use this and thy Paps will be lesse, and to make them whole, anoint them with it, and it will make them hard.

Medicines for the Breast. For sore Breats

Take the yolk of an Egg, and fair fresh grease, and sovre fresh dough, and mingle them well together, and make a plaister thereof, and lay it to the sore, and when it is broken do away the dough, and lay it to your Eggs and grease, and it will be whole quickly. Or make a plaister of Smallage, Linseeds, and whites of Eggs, and lay it to the sore Breasts, and this will heal them; or take Claret Wine and Barley Flower, and boil them together thick, and make a plaister thereof and lay it to the Breast: this hath been proved.

Medicines for the Breast. To clear the Breasts

Take Sentory, Piliall, Rew, Hysope, and red Morell in stale Ale, and strain it, then put into the clear liquor Cinamon and Cloves, and seeth them well, and drink thereof nine daies, at evening hot, and at morning cold, and be whole. Also take Angelica Water, and drink it at evening and morning an ounce at a time, and it will greatly help thee.

Medicines for the Breast. For all Diseases of the Breast, and to clear the Voice

Take a good quantity of Woodslonne, and grind them not too small, and then put them into an eathen Pot, and put thereto new Ale, as it is cleansed, and mingle them so, that the Ale be a good deal above the Slonne, and bury it in the Earth, and cover it well with the same earth, and so let it stand nine daies, then give to him that needeth a little cupfull hot at night, and cold in the morning.

Medicines for the Breast. Foe all manner stopping of the Breasts

Take the Gum of a Cherrie tree, and dissolve it with old Wine, and let the sick sup thereof, and it will void all hoarseness and straightnesse of the Breast and Lungs: Also take Figgs, and slit them on the outside, and stop them full of Mustard, and seeth them in white Wine, and eat of the Figges, for this is very good.

Medicines for the Breast. For abundance of Milk in a Womans Breasts

Take Popilion, and Lineseed Oyl, and seeth them together, and dip cloaths therein, and so lay them to the Breast, taketh away the abundance of Milk, and the hardnesse of the Breast presently, also Chickweed sodden in Plantain Waters, and laid Plaisterwise to the Breast, drieth up the Milk, and taketh away the hardnesse thereof: green Wheat being stamped and strained with Oyl, bringeth to Women Milk abundantly without measure.

Medicines for the Breast. For swelling of Womens Breasts

Take Line-seed bruised, and the white of an Egge, or the Juice of Smallage, and mingle them well together, and lay them plaisterwise to the swelling of the Breast, and if she lost her milk, give her to drink the Juice of vervain, and she shall have Milk enough, and this will also heal your Breast.

Medicines for the Breast. An healing Salve for sore Breasts that be broken

Take Sorrell, the Boyes call it Wood sowre, and lap it in Wort Leaves, and rost them in the Embers half a quarter of an houre, then stamp them, and put thereto Honey and Vineger, and put them in a Box, but first lay to the sore Breasts a plaister of Garlick and Meal, boiled together in Vineger two or three times, and lay it thereto.

Medicines for the Breast. Foe sore Breasts

Take a handfull of Figgs, and stamp them untill the Kernells be broken, then take a little fresh greace, and temper it with the Figgs, and make a plaister thereof, and lay it as hot as the Patient can suffer it unto the Breast, and it will take away the anguish, and if it be apt to break, then it will break, or els not.

Medicines for the Breast. For sore Beasts when they be broken

Take Wheat Flower, and two Yolks of Egges, and the juice of Plantain, and mingle them all together till they be thick like a sawce, and if there be holes in the Beasts, make Tents that will suffice the holes, and dip them in the same, and put them in the holes, and lay a plaister thereupon.

Medicines for the Throat. A very good Medicine for the Cough

Take a brown Loaf, before you put it in the Oven, and make a hole in the top of it, and pout therein a good handfull of Rosemary, and cover it again with the same paste, and being baked, take it out of the Oven, and mingle it with half an Ounce of the Powder of Enula Campana Roots, of Licoras three parts, of Sugar Candy as much as of the Rosemary, of round Pepper, and long Pepper, of each half an Ounce, take of this Evening, and Morning, and in your Pottage, and will help the Cough with great successe, for it hath been well tried.

Medicines for the Throat. For the Chyme Cough

Take the Root of Horse Hoof, and the root of Cumfrie, of each a like much, and wash them in fair Water, them stamp them, and seeth them in fair water, till half be consumed, then take two parts of that Liquor, and a third part of Honey, and boil them, and scum them clean, and when it is well sodden, put it into some Boxes, and let the sick use three spoonfulls at a time every day fasting and to bedward.

Medicines for the Throat. For the Cough, and Parsinesse

Take of the Powder of the Lungs of a Fox, and Sugar Candy, and temper it in Rose water, and drink thereof: Or take white Sugar Candy, and Rose water, and drink it, for it is very good for the Cough, if it come of the Inflammation of the Lungs.

Medicines for the Throat. For the Cough a good Medicine

Take a half penny worth of Licoras, a spoonfull of Aniseed, a sawcer full of the Juice of Fennell, and one ounce of Sugar Candy, seeth all together in white Wine, or Sack, from a quart to a pint, then strain it, and give the Patient thereof to drink.

Medicines for the Throat. For stopping of the Pipes

Take two drams of Methridatum, and a spoonfull of Claret Wine stirred together, and so drink it fasting, and by drink a Pint of Claret Wine after it, and then fast two hours after, without Meat or Drink, and take this twice a week for two or three weeks together, and use in all your Meats and Broths, white Pepper grossely beaten.

Medicines for the Throat. For the dry Cough

Take half a pound of Licoras, and scrape it clean, and bruise it well, and put it into an earthen Pot, and put thereto three quarts of fine Wort, and one Ounce of Sugar, of Ginger beaten two drams, and a Pint of Clarified Honey, and seeth all these together, till half be wasted, and then strain it through a Cloth into a clean Vessell, and let the sick drink thereof first, and last, at Evening hot, and Morning cold.

Medicines for the Throat. To heal a Quinsie in the Throat

Take one pound of the Water of Scabias, and one ounce of Aqua vitae, and mingle them together, and wet Cloths therein, and so lay it to the sore, and this will kill it in three or four dayes.

Medicines for the Throat. For Hoarsenesse of a long continuance

Take Raisins, Figs, Sugar, Cinamon, Cloves, of every one a little, and seeth them in good Wine, of which you shall give the Patient two Ounces at a time, Morning and Evening, except she have a Feaver: or for a Child that hath the Cough, take Oyl of Roses, and chafe well his Stomach when he goeth to bed, and then lay a warm Cloth to his Stomach, and he shall be whole.

Medicines for the the Throat. For Hoarsenesse in the Throat

Take Pennyryall and seeth it in running water, and then take of it at night a dish full, somewhat hot, with a little Sugar melted in it, and within two or three times dressing you shall be clean again.

Medicines for the Throat. For a canker in the Throat

Take a Pint of good stale Ale, and a good handfull of Sage, and a good stone of Alum as much as an Egge, and boil them together well, and then with a Cloth wash thy Throat, and garle it in thy Throat, and be whole: Or take Sage, Woodbine, Rue, Hysop, or Penyryall, of each a quarter of a handfull, and boil them in good Wine Vineger, or strong Ale, with a little Roch Alum and a spoonfull of Honey, and then strain these through a Cloth, and with Liquor scour the canker with a fair Cloth on a sticks end, and wet a cloth double, and lay it plaisterwise to your Throat and be whole.

Medicines for the Throat. For dry Hoarsenesse in the Throat

Take the Root of Parslie and the Root of Fennell, a like much, and three penny weight of Enula Campana, and one pound of Figges, and a quarter of a pound of Licoras; seeth all these together in a Gallon of running Water to three quarts, and put therein a little Hysop, and strain it, then boil it, and take the white of ten or twelve Egges and put therein, and let it boil together till it turn clear, then take Sugar, Roset, and put thereto as much as a Hens Egge, then take it from the Fire, and cleanse it through a fair Cloth, and drink thereof Morn and Evening.

Medicines for the Throat. For a sore Throat that is inflamed

Take two spoonfulls and a half of Honey, two good spoonfulls of Treacle, of Alum as much as a Pullets Egge, of sweet Butter two good spoonfulls, five sprigges of Rosemary, a quarter of a spoonfull of Pepper, and for an old body the more pepper.

Medicines for the Throat

The Causes of these Impediments do come of Rheume descending from the Head, or by Opilation, or such like; thereof first purge Flegme, and Rheume.

Medicines for the Face. To take away the small Pox, that they shall not be seen

Take the Juice of Fennell, and heat it luke-warm, and anoint that place therewith three of four dayes divers times, for this is an approved Medicine for the small Pox.

Medicines for the Face. To take away Freckles in the Face

Take Pellitory, and seeth it with Wine, and make a plaister thereof, and lay it to the Freckles, and this will take it away: or take the Gall of a Cock, and mingle it with the Flower of Cocle, of each a like quantity, and make a plaister thereof, and lay it to the Freckles: or take when you kill a Bull, and save the Blood thereof, anoint the place therewith that hath the Freckles, and it will take them away.

Medicines for the Face. For a red Face full of Pimples

Take and distill Water of Salendine, and dissolve Camphire in it, as is afore written, with Vineger, and with this wash thy Face; this did make a maid whole in twenty days, that had a marvellous great heat in her Face. Also there was a Farmers Wife in Berk-shire, which had her Face full of white Scales, and was cured with this that followeth: she took Honey Suckle Leaves, and distilled them, and washed her Face often with the Water, and it never came again. Also there was a Woman which had such a grief in her Face, that if she had been by the Fire but a little while, and then gone abroad into the Aire, her Face would have risen full of red spotts, as though she had been drunk, which was helpt with this which followeth: She took Frankincense, and Saffron, and then made them to Powder, and then cast this Powder upon a Chafingdish of Coals, and receieved the Smoke with open Mouth, and using it often, was helped.

Medicines for the Face. For a sawcy Flegme Face

Take the Root of Enula Campana, and seeth it in a pot of Vineger, untill the Vineger be well sod away, then stamp it in a Mortar, and put thereto Quick-Silver, and Brimstone, and Swines Greace, and make therewith a plaister-ointment and anoint thy Face therewith: and if you make a plaister, lay thereto the same stuffe. This is proved. Or take Oil of Tartar, and anoint thy Face therewith, or any Canker or Ringworm or Tetter Leprosie, for this will make it whole.

Medicines for the Face. For a foul Blast in the Face.

Take red Honey-Suckle for the Man, and white for the Woman, and take the juice thereof, and annoint therewith thy Face, and it will heal thee.

Medicines for the Face. For Blains in the Face

Take Salt, and the Roots of Plantain, and Verjuice, and stamp them well together, and wash the Face therewith, and this will heal thee.

Medicines for the Face. A Singular Medicine for Worms in the Face

Take the Leaves and Roots of Leeks, and the Juice of them all together, and take thereof a Pint and a half, and put it into a glasse, with an Ounce of Powder of Pellitory, and a scruple of Verdigreace, and stir them all together, and every day bath the Worm and Whelks With Cotton moistened in the said Juice, and stir it often in the said glasse: also it is good for Worms in any other Members, and breeding in the sicknesse, called in France the Kings Evil.

Medicines for the Face. To put away Freckles in the Face

Take and anoint thy Face with the Blood of a Hare, or of a Bull, and this shall destroy the Freckles within five nights dressing, if you use it.

Another for the same

Take and lay a raw Egge (that is new laid) in white Wine Vineger all night, and on the morrow stamp the Egg small, and then put thereto as much Powder of Mustard-seed as the Egge was, and mingle it with the Egge, and when thou goest to bed anoint thy Face therewith; and on the morrow mingle Barley Meal, and hot Water together, then cast away the Water, and wash  thy Face therewith, nine dayes: or take Salendine, stamp it, and temper it with white Wine and lay it to the Face: or take a good quantity of Pellitory of Spain, and white Wine, and let it stand a while, and then wash thy Face therewith, and it will heal thee.

Medicines for the Face. For Chapped Lips

Take and anoint them with Unguentum album consecratum, and if there be any corrupt blood or matter, you must wash the place with Water of Plantain wherein hath been sod a little Alum, before you put in the same ointment: also it is good to wash the place with Plantain Water, and Barley Water together.

Medicines for the Face. A Medicine for a white Scurf in the Face

Take of Vineger a Pinte, and dissolve in it one Ounce of Camphire, and let it stand there in fourteen dayes, being very well stopped, and then wash the deseased place. This help a Gentle-woman which had a long time a Scurf rising in her Face, as though she had been a Leper.

Medicines for the Face. To make the Face fair

Take the Flowers of Rosemary, and boil them in white Wine, then wash thy Face therewith, and use to drink of the same: Or take Burnet water, and Wash thy Face therewith, and let it dry by itself: also Water of Bean Flowers doth better.

Another for the same

Take white Lillies, green Cocle, and green honey Suckle, of every one a like much, and then distill them in a Stillitory, and take the Water thereof, and wash therewith thy Face, and within fifteen dayes thou shalt be fair.

Medicines for the Face. For Worms in the Face.

Take of Rosine three parts, and the fourth of unwrought Wax, one spoonfull of Honey, half a spoonfull of May Butter; try them altogether on the fire, then strain it through a fair Cloth into a dish of fair Water, and when it is so cold that you may stir it with your hand, work it well against the Fire, as you do an Electuary, and in working thereof, put in as much white Coperas as a Nut, as you do occupy it, made into Powder, then strike it on a Coth, as you do other plaisters, and lay it the Face, and within three dayes you shall know whether there be Worms, and they will rise white like Wheals, under the plaister: then cast more Coperas on your said plaister, and so dresse him, and he shall be whole.

Medicines for the Face. For a red Face

Take Sowthistles, Borage, Purslain, Sorrell, Barley, Parsly Roots, and Licoras, and boil all together in running Water, and drink it first and last.

Medicines for the Face. A diet for a Copper Face

Abstain from all Salt things, Spices, Fried Meats, and Rosted Meats, from drinking of Wine, for it is very ill: also Onyons, Mustard, and Garlick be very bad. instead of which you must take Purslain, Sorrell, Lettice, and Hops, Borage, otherwise Succory, or Endive in your pottage. Also it is necessary to be laxative, and sleeping to lay your head high.

Medicines for the Face. For a Copper Face

Take Litarge of Silver, and Brimstone, of each a like much, and seeth them in Vineger, and then wet a Linnen Cloth therein, and lay it to the Sore, putting a little Rose-water to it.

Medicines for the Face. For a sawcy stain'd face like a Leper

You must give him a Purgation, as it is said in the pain of the Head, coming of Choller, then dip Cloths in Alum water, which must be made as followeth: take a pound of Alum Glasse, the juice of Purslain, of Plantine, and Verjuice, of Grapes, or Crabs, of each a Pint, with the whites of twenty one Eggs well beaten together, then mingle them altogether, and distill it in a Stillitory: this Water is for the Pimples, Scurfes, Chafings, Wheals, and Heats, dip your Cloth therein often, and lay to the rednesse.

The cause of these Impediments doth come of a venemous matter ascending out of the Stomach, meeting with Rheum that would descend from the Head, and meeting both together, do cause the Vapors to break out in the Face.

Medicines for the Gummes. For rotting of thy Gummes

Take the Water of great Sage, and wash thy Mouth, and Gummes therewith, and it will help the rotting of thy Teeth, and the shaking of them, if thou use it often in a day, and hold it in thy Mouth.

Medicines for the Gummes. To make a Gumme hard to hold the Teeth

Take clean Rose water, and daily wash thy Gummes and teeth therewith, and it will fasten thy Gummes to thy Teeth.

Medicines for the Gummes. A Water for a Canker in the Gummes

Take half a Pint of white Wine, and a quarter of a Pint of Water, and put thereto an Ounce of burnt Alum, and take a quantity of five leaved Grasse, otherwise called Cinque-Foyl, and put all these into a clean earthen Pot, and Set it over the Fire, and let it seeth to the half, and scum it clean, then strain the Liquor into some Vessell, and keep it in a Glasse till thou have need to occupy it.

Another for the same

Take Herb Grasse, and wash it clean, and dry it with a Linnen Cloth, and stamp it in a Morter, and put thereto strong red Vinegar, then strain it through a clean Linnen Cloth three times folded, of an Ell broad, wet it in the same Medicine, and lay it to the Sore within the Month, and if it be a very great Canker, take Alum, and beat it very small in a Morter, and put it to the said Medicine, to the value of a handfull of Herb Grasse, and this will heal thee.

Medicines for the Gummes. For the Gummes that be gnawn and fretted with Humors

Take Cloves, and seeth them in Rose water, then dry them, and make Powder thereof, with Rose water or Roses, for that is best, then dry it again in the Sun, do this three or four times, and then temper the Powder again with Rose water, or with the Juice of Roses, and anoint thy Gummes therewith.