This handbook was the primary source of reference for a physician who practised medicine during his life in the 17th century. He annotated the pages with handwritten notes from his own experience.

Entries will be added to this blog as time permits, and for the convenience of readers  the 'long s' will be represented as an 's' so that it is not confused with an 'f'. However, the original spellings and grammar will be kept, so as to convey a better picture of the time.

Some pages have been lost as he rode from dwelling to dwelling, including the frontispiece. There is a preface by R.W., and although it is not known what the initials stand for, he was closely associated with the works of Culpeper, and therefore very familiar with the latest herbal treatments and remedies.


  1. Thank you for posting these. Do you have the title of the book and where it was published?

  2. Unfortunately, this information is missing. I am always hoping another copy will turn up somewhere!