Medcines for a Canker. For a Canker, Fistula, Wart, new sores, old sores, or wounds

Take a gallon and a half of running Water, and a peck of ashes made of green ashen wood, and sift them clean, and make thereof a gallon of Lie, and put thereto a gallon of Tanwoose, and a pound of Madder, and seeth all these to a gallon, and let your Pan be so great, that it be little more then half full, and when it riseth in the seething, stir it with a ladle, that it run not over, then let it stand three or four hours till it be clear, and then let all that is clear strain through a good clean cloth, and then wet a ragged cloth, and with a long Lint lay it to the sore, and this will heal the diseases aforesaid.

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