Medicines for the Gout. For the Gout in the hand called Chyragra

The cause of this impediment doth come of rheume, and evill dirt, and there be two kinds of Gout in the hands, the one is confirmed and cannot be made whole, for it do come by kind, and the joynts be broken, the sicknesse is incurable, the other which is not confirmed, may be made whole, as followeth.

Take of Colworts three handfulls, and seeth them with a little Lie, with three spoonfulls of Vineger, and a little salt, stamp all these together with the said little, and make a plaister thereof. Or take and eat Treacle, and make a plaister thereof, and lay it to the place, and mark if the matter do come of a hot cause, you may minister hot Medicines, and if of a cold cause, not hot medicines but cold, and let the patient beware of eating those things that may be over hot or cold.

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