Medicines for the Gout. To take away pain of the Gout

Take the fattest Brach you can get, and scald him like a Pig, and take out the guts and garbage at one of the sides, then take nettles and stamp them with two ounces of Brimstone, four yolks of Eggs, four ounces of Turpentine, incorporate all together, and put it in the whelps belly surely sowed up, that no composition come out, then rost him with a soft fire, and keep the dripping that doth come from him, and annoint the sore place therewith, for this is excellent; and it will cease all manner of Convulsions of the Sinews or joynts, and pain of the Cramp that may be felt in any man: This medicine hath been tryed not only to heal the Gout, but to drive it away for ever.

Another for the same

Take half a pint of strong Vineger, and three Yolks of Eggs, and put them to the Vineger with a quantity of black Sope, and so let it stand three daies and three nights, and then mingle them together like a plaister, and lay it to the sore. Or take and stamp Walwort small, and seeth it with the lees of red Wine as thick as pap, and lay it to the sore wheresoever it be, if it be hot lay it on hot, if it be cold lay it on cold, and then annoynt it two daies after with Nerve Oyl upon the Sinews.

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