Medicines for the Gout. Medicnes for the Gout appropriate in all causes

Take cow dung, and seeth it in sweet Milk, and lay a plaister thereof to the Gout: Also the yolks of Eggs, womans Milk, Lynseed, and Saffron all together in a plaister asswageth the diseases of the Gout, and if you be disposed to break the skin, and to let the humor issue out (as by such means many a one is eased) you shall make a little plaister of black Sope, and Aqua vitae, which will blister it without pain: Also very hare old cheese cut and sodden in the broth of a gammon of Bacon, and afterwards stamped with a little of the broth, and made in manner of a plaister, is a singular remedy for the diseses of the Gout, and was first practised by Galen the Prince of all Phisitians.

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