Medicines for the Piles and Emeroids. For the Piles or Hemeroids

Take a pint or a quart of Linseed Oyl, and put into it as many Cray-fish as it will hold, then boyl them, and let them be very well beaten in their shells in a Mortar, and then put them into the oyl again, and let them boyl as formerly, then strain them hard from the oyl, and cast them away; then fill the oyl with as many of the young tops or tender buds of Elder, or the young fresh leaves, and let them boyl in them till they begin to be crips like fryed Parsly, then strain that very hard from the Elder, and reserve that for an excellent medicine to anoint the Piles; or moistning a little Cotton, keep it close trussed up, and it will quickly help them. It is also a soverain medicine for any Burning or Scalding.

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