Medicines for the Gout. A special medicine for the Gout

You shall buy at the Apothecaries Cantarides, which is a great fly, take of this a quantity, and twice so much sowre bread, the crums thereof stamped in a Morter with a little Vineger, so that you may make thereof a plaister, then stroke it upon a cloth, and cut it in the bredth of a penny, and lay it to the place where the pain is for the space of six or seven hours, then lift up the plaister with a knife, and let it lie half a hour, then again pull it off, and a blister will rise there, then let out the water with a needle, in the lowest place of the blister, and softly thrust it with your finger, and if the water be cold, it will be somewhat yellow, if the pain be new, it  will be white like the gelly of a Pig, then take the leaf of an Oak tree, and cut away the hardnesse thereof, and prick it full of holes, and lay it on untill it be whole, as soon as the blister is broken the pain is gone, but you must make the blister beneath the joynt.

Another for the same

Take a young Whelp in the moneth of May, and strip him out of his skin, and dresse him clean, then take a quantity of Water-frogs, and put them in his belly when his guts be out, and sow up his belly, then rost him, and take the dripping in an Iron Vessell, and when it is cold put it in a glasse, and therewithall annoynt the disease, and you shall be whole, by Gods grace.

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