Medicines for the Piles and Emeroids. For the Piles

Take Scabias, and boyl it in water until the water be consumed almost, and let him that is sore, hold his fundament over the fume of the said water as hot as he can suffer it, and be whole.

Another for the same

Take aqua vitae cold, and wash the piles therewith, and take cotton linnen and burn it, and lay the powder thereof to the piles upon a linnen cotton cloth as often as you be grieved. Or take wormwood and grind it in a morter small, and then fry it in Oyl Olive, and make a plaister thereof, and lay it to the sore as hot as you can suffer it, and this will cease the bleeding and aking.

Another for the same

Take a quart of White Wine, and the tops of Elder buds, and Honey, and boyl them well together, then strain them, and wash the place therewith, and this will heal you in short space.

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