Medicines for the Dropsie. An excellent medicine for the Dropsie, made for Queen Elizabeth, by Doctor Adrian and Doctor Lasye

Take Polypodium, Spicknard, Squant, Ginger, Marjoram, Galingall, Setwell, of every one, one penny weight, Seeny, the leaves and cods, so much as all the rest, grosly broken into powder, and so put them into a bag, and hang it with a packthread in an earthen pot of two gallons of Ale, and every four daies cover the Ale with new Barm, and drink no other drink the space of a whole week, and this shall purge all ill humors in the body: this drink will not let the bloud putrifie, neither flegme to have domination, nor choler to burn, nor melancholy to have exaltation, it doth multiply bloud, and helpeth all evill, it purgeth the rheume, and mightily helpeth it, it defendeth the Stomach, and noursisheth it, profiteth and preserveth youth; and engendreth good colour, comforteth the sight, and nourisheth the mind.

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