Medicines for the Legs. To heal a sore Leg coming of an old cause

Take flowers of Camomill, or Camomill, and a good handfull of Mallows, of Wormwood, of Grunsell, and Sage, of every one half a handfull, and beat all small in a Morter, and seeth it in Milk, and put thereto in the seething Vincreeck seed in powder, half a handfull of Anniseeds, and Fennell seeds one ounce, a little May-butter, four or five yolks of Eggs, and seeth all together, and the same Eggs in the latter end of the seething, and so let it seeth till you come to a thicknesse: You may in the latter end of the seething put in a pint of red Wine to comfort the Synews: take the Camomill and Mallows of each a handfull beaten in a Morter, with Oatmeal and Milk sodden together, and let it boil to a thicknesse.

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