Medicines for the Dropsie

Take a portion of water Cresse, and Sage, the greatest part of Mugwort, Hysope, red Fennel; of every one of these a like portion, wash all these clean, and let the water run from them, then take the same herbs and put them in a Past of a great pie, and the same Pie to be baked in an oven, and when it is baked take it out, and all hot put it into a pot of ale clear drawn after the portion of your herbs: Also you must cover your pot, to the intent the strength of the herbs come not out, but remain in your pot still, and work in the Ale, to make it so much the stronger, then draw off the said Ale daily, and let the sick drink thereof at all times, when you will day or night, when he desireth to drink, and within nine daies he shall be whole.

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