Medicines for the Toe. For a prick of a Thorn

Take of the seed of Flax half a handfull, and a quarter so much Oatmeal, of Cummin an ounce, beat all these into fine powder in a brazen Morter, and seeth them in Vineger or lees of red Wine, or Claret Wine, or white Wine, and put thereto half as much milk, and let it seeth untill it be thick like Past, and then lay it hot to the sore, and if it be rotten, it will draw it out, and if not, it will dissolve it.

Another for the same

Take the black worm called a Shromp, which is commonly in horse dung, and make a slit in his belly, but kill him not, and lay it round upon the place where the Thorn is, or went in, it will be painfull for a time, but it will bring out the Thorn without fail.

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