Medicines for the Gout.

There be four kinds of Gout, named in Latin, Chiragra, Podagra, Scyatica and Artetica: the one in the hands, fingers, and armes, the which is called Chiragra: The other is named Podagra and that is the feet, toes and legs: The third doth keep the huckle  bone, and doth run to the knee, and in processe of time descendeth to the ancle, and to the toe, and is called Scyatica: The fourth kind of the Gout, is named the Gout Artetick, the which doth run over all the joynts and parts of a mans body, and the Medicines of every one follow.

For the Gout

Take a pint and a half of good Ale, and half a pound of black Sope, and a handfull of bay Salt beaten small, then mingle them all together till half be consumed, then put four spoonfulls of Aqua vitae, and let it boyl a little more, then take a cloth and dip it in it, and lay it to the griefe, as hot as he can suffer it, and be whole. Or take a pint of good Ale, and clarifie it on the fire, and put therein a handfull of Bay Salt, and stir it well a good while, put thereto two spoonfulls of black Sope, and before you lay on the medicine, take a linnen cloth, and rub it well a good while, and then lay on the medicine.

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